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It's gerrin a bit black ovver Bill's Mother's Coaster


Translates to: 

"It looks a bit black over Bill’s mothers"

The origin of the saying: “It looks a bit black over Bill’s mothers”

Many years ago, a farm by the side of the river Trent in Nottingham (near Clifton Bridge) was owned by a royal named George who at that time was Prince of Wales.

The farm is still called Prince of Wales Farm, although there is no record that he stayed there. However his Mother would often stay for odd days over a period of time, and it was after one of these visits that the saying originated.

At a local Inn named the Cremorne (close by the “Half Penny Bridge” to Wilford), a group of miners, who after doing the early shift had gone to the Cremorne for a drink. As they were coming out one pointed towards Clifton and jokingly commented that due to the grey nature of the clouds, it looked like they would be in for some ‘inclement Weather’.

Another in their party realising that his mate had tried to make a posh statement, modified the long winded statement to make it more down to earth. Not knowing or remembering the name of the Royal who owned the farm, the miner just suddenly announced “It looks a bit black over Bill’s mother's."

These coasters have a high gloss finish wipe-clean, which shows off the design perfectly. 

Made from:
Wooden base with high gloss surface.

9cm x 9cm