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Chrissmuss Songs DIY Crackers

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All yer favourite Chrissmuss Songs, Dukki style!

Av yersen a Merreh likkle Chrissmuss, Santa Claus is comin ter tahn, duck the halls, drivin 'om fer Chrissmuss, lerrit snow, baby it's coad ahtside.

Order one of our luxury Cracker kits,

6 luxury crackers (3x white, 3x brown), flat-packed and ready to mek yer sen.

We'll provide the fillings;
6 'Chrissmuss Song' cracker boards and snaps, traditional paper hats, bogger-talk phrases, a mix of mini rubber ducks and dukki decorations (random selection), pipe cleaners for the ends. Includes easy instructions on how ter purrem together. All you'll need is some sellotape and a bit of patience!
Designs: Lerrit Snow! Av yer sen a Merreh likkle Chrissmuss, Santa Claus is comin' ter tahn, Drivin' om fer Chrissmuss, Baby it's coad ahtside and Duck the halls!