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Oh Duck it! Christmas Gift Set


Introducing our brand new Letterbox Gift Sets! Zero faff, loadsa variety!

Our Sister-company, Dukki have been doing Christmas Gift Sets, so we thought we'd better get in on the act and give you a sweary option, for upcoming festivities.

Each letterbox is just £15 but full of sweary, alternative stuff to wind up your family and friends, whether you can be with them or not. And the best part is, it fits right through the letterbox. Not for the easily offended!

The Oh Duck it! Christmas Gift contains:

A large Sweary Christmas Disk Decoration (10cm oak faced MDF disks / or UV printed acrylic), a Sweary Frosted Acrylic Christmas Decoration (5cm acrylic, printed with various designs), a Bah F*cking Humbug! Christmas Card and a Merry Christmas you Massive Tw*t! Christmas Card. 

The rest of the Dukki Letterbox Gift set range can be found here.