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Merreh Chrissmuss! Gift Set


Introducing our brand new Letterbox Gift Sets! Zero faff, loadsa variety!

Send aht yer gifts this Chrissmuss Dukki-direct, wiya carefully put together selection of goodies. Each letterbox is just 15 paahnd but full o'good stuff to give yer famleh n' friends, whether yer can be wi'um or not. And the best part is, it fits reyt through yer letterbox, no bother!

The Updated Merreh Chrissmuss! Gift contains:

A Stripey Bobbo Chrissmuss Decoration, Merreh Chrissmuss, Me Duck! Coaster, Ay Up Me Duck! Disk Decoration (Colours may vary) and Festive Greetings From Nottingham Greetings Card. 

The rest of the Letterbox Gift set range can be found here. 

As a Greetings Card is included in this Letterbox Gift, remember to let us know who it's for and from etc, and we can hand-write yer message then send straight aht annorl!